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Whether you are looking for serious professional training or just a chance to have fun, you have come to the right place. Our program is designed to provide both, addressing each student individually. We provide quality technical education with limited class sizes. Our curriculum provides a comprehensive education, focusing on solid fundamentals with positive family involvement. Our mission is to build confidence and a love of learning, giving students a solid foundation for a healthy and happy life.

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Celebrating 21 Years of Performing Arts Education in Carroll County
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Join us for In-Person Registration and find out more about what is in store for CMPAC.
Thursday, August 28th 6-8pm
Saturday, August 30th 10am-12pm

Classes Begin Tuesday, September 2nd


White Christmas Auditions
Thursday, September 11th 7-9pm
Saturday, September 13th 11am-1pm
Our helpful staff is available Monday through Saturday to answer all of your questions. We're looking forward to meeting you.
Registration can be completed in-person, over the phone, via email or mail.

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As we move into the 2014-2015 Season there are many changes ahead of us. Carroll County School for the Performing Arts and Curtains Up Productions will be merging together to form a new entity.

Central Maryland Performing Arts Center

Beginning September 1st we will now be known as the Central Maryland Performing Arts Center (CMPAC). The Central Maryland Performing Arts Center will be a non-profit organization that will offer classes in dance, music and drama as well as provide year-round theatrical productions to include Dinner Theatre, Musical Theatre, Non-Musicals, and a Children's Theatre Company. We are hoping to expand into a new location by January 2015 which will include classroom and studio space, rehearsal space and our own theatrical space. You will find us planning several big fundraising events to help us meet this goal. You can also help by becoming a member of CMPAC. 

I can't thank you enough for your support over the last 20 years and look forward to continuing to bring you the utmost in arts education and performance opportunities as the Artistic Director of the Central Maryland Performing Arts Center.

Stephanie Skinner
Bill "Bojangles" Robinson